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Lung Ventilation Systems

DTPA or Xenon?   Which ever you prefer, TI Services offers a variety of Lung Ventilation Systems from the major manufacturer in the industry. Whether you're looking to upgrade your current system, add an additional system or if you just prefer to go a different way, you will find it here, and of course, we have the masks, filters, tubing and kits to compliment all the systems. Click on any of the systems below to get more information or email us a request here.


Be sure to check out all masks, tubing and convenient kits on our accessory page.

DTPA Systems

AeroVent jr_edited.jpg

Aero/vent Jr.

Aerotech I

Xenon Master.jpg

Xenon Delivery Systems

Xenon Master

Venti-Scan IV

Pulmonex II

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